Reformer Workout
Cara Reeser
Class 1877

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SO much fun, and always challenging! I love your vibe, Cara, and appreciate your solid cues. Definitely turned on the back body and hips today, and my body and mind thank you for it. This is a workout to return to again and again. Awesome!
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Hi Cara, I have revisited this workout several times this week. It has done wonders for my lower back and hip pain. Thank you again!
Rena , I am so glad to hear this is helping. You are more than welcome. xo
Thank you for the inspiration... love the flow theough the exercises...
Loved this!  How amazing to have the opportunity during "lockdown" to explore so many of these fabulous classes.  Thank you Cara. xx
I love this class!! So great!! I wanted to hear your comment about running🙏
More Cara Reeser   PLEASE!!!
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