Theraband Intensity
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1894

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My first Rael class, but definitely won't be my last!  Just loved it!
Really, amazing!! Quite challenging too. The instructions are superb!! The time did go by very fast too. A motivating instructor, thank you!!
Nervine, I really appreciate your words! Thank you and all the best!!!
Just love this class so much and Rael's teaching style! Have done this class a few times and the pushups are always a great challenge!
Marrisa, thank you so much! Yep, those push-ups will get you every time. I always say "they do not get easier, but they get better"! Keep it up.
Love Raels inspiring, powerfull and peacefull. Thx   
What a class!!! Thank you soo much, Rael!!!
Barbara, I am glad you enjoyed the class! Keep up the great work!
Such a shining example of how to conduct a class with passion.   I certainly "relish" the "feels"  thank you
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