Hip Flexor Tutorial<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Tutorial 1909

Hip Flexor Tutorial
Christi Idavoy
Tutorial 1909

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Maggie L
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What a great quote: "The idea is not that we're going to get really good at having a high pain tolerance. The idea is that we're going to get really good at listening to the body and making appropriate choices."
I so needed this. I wondered if my "popping" would ever go away, and this is the first time I've seen it addressed. I have a hard time with leg kicks, circles, corkscrew, etc because of popping. Thanks for the permission to turn the feet out a bit more. As a former dancer, my legs naturally turn out and I've always tried to work against that since Pilates tends to emphasize forward facing alignment. Since lots of Pilates people are/were dancers, I'm surprised that the turn out thing isn't talked about more. I'd love to hear from others on this issue. Thanks so much!
Thanks so much! What a great reminder about the standing hip figure 8, listen, decrease range of motion and change breath pattern. I found a spot in the 8 I didn't find on the circles. That worked great! I do tons of things with my feet and balls, nothing like your web to web, so simple & easy! My feet feel different than balls. Thanks
OMG the toes and feet circles! It's taken 3 goes to get 'web to web' but my feet are now singing with joy!! So delicious. Also, my hip flexor tightness/pain has eased tremendously - is this linked? Thank you :)
the toe circling makes my toes "buzz" :) all very usefull stuff, thank you!
Michael L
Awesome. Working with dancers I come across this all the time. Very helpful tips. Thanks
Cynthia G
Once again, thank you.  Echo other comments about slowing down the movements and tuning in. 
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