Mixed Equipment Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1929

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Very interesting work. I'll use it for my mini group
What a great combination of exercises and so well explained. Thank you so much Rael!!!
Simply excellent!
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This class made me smile from beginning to end !! Meredith was my tutor for my mat cert (she's a favourite!!) so it made me smile seeing you give her such a 'thorough' work out!! I also attended your marathon mat London 2015 and this class reminded me of how much I enjoyed that day;your infectious enthusiasm , 'joyful' teaching style and why I chose to become a BASI teacher!!
Dear Wendy, thank you so much for your lovely and supportive words. The Marathon Mat in London was one of my most unique and enjoyable mat classes of all time. That cathedral was amazing! We love having you part of the BASI family!
Thank you Rael, Sarah (my teacher trainer), Meredith, and Kristi (who, without her, there would be no P.A.) Love to all!
p.s. i needed this today! : )
Judy C Happy New Year!
I follow you from a long time in youtube, and now, I'm glad I can see your complete classes in here. Awsome! You are vibrant!
Rael, your enthusiasm and love for the method is infectious! It got me excited to try this workout ASAP! Loved your cuing and sense of humor. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed!
Jane I am so pleased this hit the spot for you. Enjoy!
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