Clear and Calm Reformer<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 1959

Clear and Calm Reformer
Sally Anderson
Class 1959

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As I am a body with very sleepy hamstrings, this class was the perfect wake up call for the back of my legs. Thank you, Sally, for the encouraging cueing and helping me find and stay connected to my hamstrings throughout the workout. You are not kidding when you say, find your hamstring and you'll find your abs!!!
Sally Anderson
Thanks Annie. So pleased it worked well for you and woke up your sleepy hamstrings ;)
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Thank you Sally for this wonderful, challenging workout. There were some really useful preps that prepared well for the following exercises. Would be great to have some more of your workouts. Thank you again!
Such simple and precise cuing! I am so glad to see Sally Anderson focus on the hamstrings and pelvis. Its been a focus of mine on all of my clients and the results have been very good! Great video!
Absolutely loved this class! The cues were so beautifully explained. Thank you so much for this Sally.
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