Strong Powerhouse Flow<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2016

Strong Powerhouse Flow
Monica Wilson
Class 2016

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Loved this mat workout!
Great fast paced strong intermediate class. Thankyou

Why is the Teaser with one leg extended knee to knee other leg with foot on the mat, positioned as Teaser 5?
It is easier to do than the previous Teasers.
Thank you.
great lesson, thank you
Judith klein
Excellent workout, like your hands on approach. Thank you...will definitely be back!
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone for all your comments and feedback! I take note of them all and always strive for improvement:)
Monica Wilson
Answer to TEASER 5 question: At first glance Teaser 5 appears easier and possibly just the next step to a "Roll Back" or a "Teaser Prep" exercise. However there are many details which when executed with precision are extremely challenging. This mat class was taught with an intermediate/advance student in mind at a traditional fluid tempo which did not lend itself to go over all of the fine points of the exercise. I bet it would be fun and helpful if I did a separate tutorial on it! For now, here's a few hints:) To be cont'd...
Monica Wilson
Foot on the floor does not lift off nor press into the floor. The closer you move this foot towards your seat, the harder it will be to come up. Extended floating leg does not drop nor rise as you roll up and down. Therefore, your knees and thighs are squeezing together and lengthening away from your PH at all times. Final suggestion: when the exercise calls for you to twist over the bent knee, attempt to start twisting as soon as you lift your chin to your chest, twisting as far over the bent knee as possible without losing any of your alignment from the waist down. I hope that helps to explain why Teaser 5 is considered a step above the rest:)
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