Feet and Footwork Tutorial<br>Troy McCarty<br>Tutorial 1954

Feet and Footwork Tutorial
Troy McCarty
Tutorial 1954

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Tricialee Thanks Tricialee! I have other videos on PA hope you get a chance to view them and let me know what you think!
Sinead F
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Fantastic tutorial Troy. Would love to see some more classes from you .. Any more to come Pilates Anytime?
Troy McCarty Sinead thanks for watching. I have others on PA hope you check them out!!
Sinead F
Thanks Troy! Yes I've seen them, love your classes. Just wondering if there was more to come! Thanks Sinead
With each position it would be really helpful to show the feet positions up close with the camera. They did it on the 2nd position but not the 1st. Ideally being consistent with this would be helpful
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