Neurological Disorders<br>Mari Winsor<br>Discussion 2056

Neurological Disorders
Mari Winsor
Discussion 2056

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Dominic D
As a med student, this is valuable info for me.
Four years of Pilates privates and group classes have helped my neuromuscular condition (Spasmodic Torticollus) tremendously.
Mari Winsor you are a gem. I thank you for your bravery. I just bought a clinical reformer to use with my son Nick who has an Anoxic Brain injury. The more information out there on how to help people like my son Nick the better. Very grateful.
Thank you for a wonderfully frank discussion. I am working with an ex rugby player here in South Africa, who was diagnosed with ALS four years ago. He gets the most wonderful feeling after his pilates sessions. This morning his comment was " i feel as if my muscles have oxygen again!". How awesome is that! we focus on ROM exercises and deep breathing. Shorter lever exercises seem to be more manageable.
Thank you for sharing such valuable and personal information. I have a family member who's been diagnosed with the same. This video was priceless. You're an amazing and brave woman.
Hi Mari.
thank you for sharing how you have benefited through Pilates.
One of my recent clients had a cyst on her brain which caused terrible problems with her neurological system. One of the conditions she experienced was lack of control of one of her legs causing her to drag her leg behind her when she walked. Her doctors recommended removal of the cyst to take pressure off the brain. While my client considered such invasive surgery, she looked to Pilates for help. I advised her that I could not help her to regain control of her leg but I could help her control the movement of her body via her core abdominal muscles and assist her with maintaining mobility in her joints. After several weeks my client decided to undergo treatment, and I'm delighted to say she recovered fully, regaining full control of her leg. She is of course delighted and very much grateful to me for keeping her mobile.
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