Upper Thoracic Extension
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 2038

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! So glad you liked the tutorials!
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Great tutorial!! Love how Sherri used different props and equipment!
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Found this tutorial so helpful.
My spine moves so similarly to Amy’s( I have some hyper mobility in my thoracic lumbar junction region,and lots of cervical flexion).
Thank you Sherri 😊🙌🏻
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Thank You. Such an informative lesson and so well explained. awesome for new teachers like me !
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Excellent as always Sherri. Can't wait to try this out on my husband.
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Super excited to try this on a practioner who has interestingly developed sharpness under her left rib cage. She feels I could be gas, trapped air as we work on breathing mechanics.. heart has been ruled out. But she has had other symptoms.. she’s quite mobile but I don’t think hypermoble .

Tight chest too..

So I’m starting here.. thank you. Any other ideas feel free to share...

Thank you!
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Such smart movers
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