Lolita on Breathing<br>Lolita San Miguel<br>Tutorial 330

Lolita on Breathing
Lolita San Miguel
Tutorial 330

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Dianne H
Another way that Pilates relates to contemporary thinking, in this instance on mindfulness and breathing, and illustrates how Joseph Pilates was so ahead of his time.
Pranayama in the Pilates studio--fantastic!!
Natalia D
Great Lolita!
Patricia P
Marvelous ! Such an important foundation for a solid Pilates technique ! Thank you ūüôŹūüŹľ
Lolita San Miguel, my mom is over 80. She can not breathe properly. She breaths from her upper chest and she can't understand how to inhale deeper with the diaphragm. Could you, please, give me some clue how to help her? Thank you in advance! 
Dimitrina Lolita  asked me to respond for her with these words: 
"I feel I can help her by using my diaphragmatic Progressive Breathing. She must practice and have patience and perseverance. Every day she should sit comfortably and inhale through the nose and exhale fully through parted lips. She can start with a mental count of six inhalations and 6-7 exhalations. If she does it constantly twice in the morning and twice in the evening during 5-10 minutes she will improve her breathing circulation, stress level and concentration. Above all her breathing capacity will get much better."
Dimitrina Lolita also said: 
"Thank you for watching my Pilates Anytime video...  I am doing a Workshop for seniors on Lolita Pilates goes Online vía Zoom on August 15 at 10am live and at 7pm recorded. Contact Lillian Velazquez at 954-736-0080 or you can send an email for more information.
Kristi Cooper  thank you very much to share with me the answer of Lolita. I'll continue working with my mom. Never give up! 
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