Explore Myofascial Structure<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2098

Explore Myofascial Structure
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2098

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So grateful for your generous comments Roberto. Shall we meet end of April at Pilates on Tour London?
Roberto Cerini
Actually I don't know, April is a full month for me. Anyway, we're surely going to cross our ways while spinning around the globe!
Thank you so much! With the reference list,full of scientific informations you gave me the possibility to learn more about this fascinating connection. You are one of the few that share with us knowledge and precious experiences like this. I just saw Chair and Trapeze classes and can't wait for the others!! Thank you again and congratulations for your wonderful work!
Gosha McClung
You have a beautiful voice Elizabeth:) thank you for interesting work.
And Thank you Malgorzata. Moves that I love affect my resonance, creating a vocal vibration. It is easier to understand cues if they are delivered in a pleasing tone. I learned about the power of this communication from my sister, Daphne. Our story is in the PilatesAnytime post 'Tribute to Daphne'.
Wonderful class Elisabeth, always enjoy your creativity on the method. Thank you for opening our eyes and keeping us on our toes.
Fabrice, such a pleasure to hear from you. Will you come to London for Pilates on Tour? I hope to see you there.
Taghrid K
This was mind blowing, I loved everything about this class, all these fascial trains working and stretching. I loved the pace, the cues, the varieties of exercises. I loved the thoracic mobility and I agree with the easier breathing and freedom there. Loved your unitard too ;) Soothing calm voice and I can go on and on.....Awesome class. THANK YOU
Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for another wonderful class. I have a question about the jumping series at the end. For the side facing jumps, do you have any modifications for a person that can not get into that 4th position with the legs? Thank you again, Christine
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