Balance & Control Challenge<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2101

Balance & Control Challenge
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2101

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I jhst love watching Elizabeth Larkam . She not only cues but throws in that all
Important knowledge for us teachers. I always feel im learning something new ever time. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge and wicked sense of humour!!😁😁
Thank you Maureen for appreciating this class. It is such a pleasure to teach on Pilates Anytime where I can be with Pilates devotees.
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Love this!  Is there a correlating reformer video with similar concepts on PA?  Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance this past year. I am focusing on a fascia based class this week for my mat and personal training clients and always come to you as my resource.  Enjoyed all the Deeper Dive courses too! Thanks!
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Wow - you are amazing! That push up! So hard so good! What does it mean if I have trouble stabilizing with my right leg when I lift my left leg in the push up position? - this work out makes so many small connections and so smart to use the wall in the prone position so as to feel more secure and mobilize the upper back - loved it 
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