Balance Facts
Kevin Bowen
Tutorial 2114

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Thanks Jennifer and Penny. Yes Penny you are correct Sheri is an excellent teacher esp with re to Balance and Aging...
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Thank you Kevin - great for me to share with my 65+ mat class.
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I love the topic and it'd be great to enjoy more balance exercises from you! I like the way how you explain!:)
Hi Helen and Joan, Thank you for offering more information about the topic Kevin is teaching here. We created a forum better suited for just such postings. Our Instructor Forum offers the option to list upcoming workshops and teacher training opportunities so I have moved both of your comments to that section where people seeking additional information will be more likely to see it. The class comments section is intended for those wanting to share with Kevin or other members about this class specifically. Thank you for sharing.
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I liked his video, good information
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Thank you so much.
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Oh, thank you very much Kevin, for your information. Its really helps! Thanks!
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I had a stroke in 2011 which consisted of a haemorrhage in my brain location at the cerebellum, the core of balance function. I am now determined to improve my balance and would like to know if anyone could offer encouragement through Pilates. I have a Reformer machine from years ago when I was an active Pilates advocate. My email address is :
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Thank you
Hi Kevin, very sobering statistics. As an active ager myself I always include balance work in my classes. Thank you!
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