Magic Circle Connections<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2129

Magic Circle Connections
Monica Wilson
Class 2129

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That was brilliant ,very challenging .
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! I enjoyed planning this class so much knowing that I had 2 extremely skilled Pilates pupils to guide through challenging and fun exercises. Alejandro is one of my fellow Romana's Pilates Instructors in town and I am excited to announce Colleen completed the Romana's Pilates Certification this past year. I am glad y'all enjoyed this class so much!
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Loved this Monica, thanks very much. You demonstrated so clearly how the circle helps to deepen connections to the powerhouse. It's challenging and I've got lots to work on. Also loved your ending, press up into arabesque balance. Your 2 students are wonderful, beautiful to watch!!
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Magic in the class...thank you Monica
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I loved the three legged roll down  with push-up at the end, i'll try it first thing in the morning 😍
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