High-Energy Mat<br>Julian Littleford<br>Class 357

High-Energy Mat
Julian Littleford
Class 357

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This beautiful man and his brilliant, challenging teaching. The side plank section is particularly level 3 ish ish. Work to do there so I will be queuing this class often.

A very strong, lovely class of women, I hope they fully remember this very special time with this great man and are able to share his important work with others.
Nearly 2 full years since I viewed this class for the first and only time. This time through I felt the (dare I say) almost "ease" of the rolling like a ball series. The side lying planks....well at least I could hold myself in the position the entire time while the three MUCH stronger students could lift and move their upper legs. Not happening in my life yet!
Congratulations Joni! The key word in your post is "yet!"
Challenging and exhilarating. Wonderful class.
This class is amazing. The only instructor that pushes me to this level is Brett Howard. I wish there were more by him for mat class and more current. So happy I found this. Wasn't bored, quick transitions. Awesome
Brilliant class! 🙏
This is a great class - very fast paced and great workout.
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