Peak Total Workout System®<br>Connie Borho<br>Class 2182

Peak Total Workout System®
Connie Borho
Class 2182

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OMG Iam wrecked! Great workout, thank you!??
Thank you to everyone who has commented on the one-on-one session/class with Sabrina as student. She was very fun to work with, and had real, juicy issues to work we all do! It was very fun to cue to the student's body in front of me to address her particular issues, and to keep to a more advanced tempo and repertoire. I'm so glad you all like it!
This was a fantastic challenging workout! I was thinking it would be more reformer/tower though. Looking forward to doing your golden triangle tutorial. You are a great instructor Connie. I thrive to be as good someday!
Absolutely loved your video. I learned so much from your precision and corrections and you also didnt do lots and lots of repetitions. Just love the imagery of the golden triangle and look forward to watching more of your work.
Connie, I took a session with you at a convention in Miami years ago. I live in Naples and have not found a good studio. I wish I was closer to where you are. You are a great, articulate teacher!!
Lucie Bécus
I really enjoyed the flow of the reformer section of this workout - thank you!
Gracie H
First class on this platform. Disappointed instructor doesn’t say which springs she’s using most of the time. Have to guess and then stop if it’s not working for me. 
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