Explore your Fascial Body<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 2192

Explore your Fascial Body
Wendy L.
Class 2192

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Excellent class, my body felt amazing for days, thank you x
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Thanks so much for your feedback on this class, Debbie. As you are saying, we are studying the "biointelligent language of our body", and when we move from that place, our bodies are very grateful....so very different than just doing what someone is telling you to do, and judging yourself if you don't do it perfectly!
Thanks Wendy, I am watching this again. Love the waterfall!
Wendy this is amazing and so important for some of us that have chronic pain to learn to not fight gravity using holding patterns it felt beautiful and reminded me to move with my intelligence - TRUST - more please ! Xx
Thank you so much, Jo! I really appreciate your feedback on my class. Have you experienced any of my other classes from this embodied approach to Pilates? I'd love to hear your experience, xwendy
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