The Golden Triangle<br>Connie Borho<br>Tutorial 2177

The Golden Triangle
Connie Borho
Tutorial 2177

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Hi Connie, I found this tutorial really interesting, but I have one question, hopefully it's not too daft - I understand how this works when the legs are together as per teaser and roll up, but for movements where they're not - how do you apply it? Many thanks, GrĂ¡inne
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Hi Grainne, thanks for viewing my tutorial, and for your comment. And it's not daft at all! Keeping the Golden Triangle active when the legs are apart is challenging, but the connection is still needed to balance the hips and to keep the weight of the legs moving from the pelvis.
So...It is easier to feel the Golden Triangle when the legs are together as in Teaser or Roll Up; primarily because we also access the Centerline in these exercises much easier as we press the thighs together. But...let's take Open Leg Rocker as an example. The legs are apart, so the inner thighs are not touching so it's harder to access Centerline. However! To add a proprioceptive tool such as a small ball (like we used to play with in gym classes...or like the ones I used in the last mat class I taught for Pilates Anytime) will help to access the Golden Triangle. (too long to post...see next post for continuation)
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Put the ball in between the upper inner thighs, lift the legs up in the Open Leg Rocker shape and ask the student to gently squeeze the ball with the upper thighs...not the knees (which shouldn't move at all), then bring awareness to the sitz bones pulling together as they squeeze the ball, then cue to pull the inner thighs and sitz bones together and bringing the entire thing up to the low belly. Ask them to explore the sensations, experience the connections, and to remember how that feels. Then take the ball away, and ask them to find all those sensations without the proprioceptive assistance of the ball. Believe works! It works in any position, standing, kneeling, sitting. Once the student understands the connection in this way, they can allow the legs to separate farther apart and still maintain the Golden Triangle. Let me know how this works for you!
Brilliant! Thanks a million Connie. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain. I will definitely be using the golden triangle...and golden ball!
I have been traiying to do the roll up for long time. Now I think I recived the cues to get it. Great, thanks.
Love this! The feeling so subtle yet so effective! Excited to teach to my clients!
I love learning from you Connie! Thank you so, so much. I am grateful for your clarity and ease in teaching. Hope to have the opportunity to see you in person again soon!
Maggie L
This is great, thank you!

I'd love to see this done "in reverse"

It's the release that's a challenge for me when I work with older, heavier, male, butt-gripping, quad dominant men.

Although I want them to feel the same connection, they are entering the situation in a very different orientation to their body than Sabrina is. It's not only a one-legged teaser or roll up that has some people gripping and overactivating their legs... it's just standing up and getting through daily life that does that! all day every day pretty much.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

Oh, and when the basement is brought to the first floor, for someone who knows anatomy, would you queue "activate the TA?"
That was a good reminder for me and already made my roll ups and teasers a little smoother!
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