Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 1308

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Amazing class!
Great class! Love the mix of fitness moves with Pilates! 
I am new to Pilates Anytime but find I am only doing this great class and Courtney Miller's 60 minute mat/mat fusion classes. The best for no equipment. Hope there will be more like these!
woooow! awesome class! used lighter weights for some since its my first time to take it and recovering from a procedure BUT will definitely take this class again and again! thank you!!!!!

I need to keep doing this one! So complete!
Amazing workout! I can feel it in my arms and really need to strengthen my upper body 
great class!!!
Fabulous class! Thank you for the inspiration and the work Courtney!
Have done this class multiple times and love it. Thanks, Courtney!
Great mix of upper and lower body. Thanks again Courtney:) 
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