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Wendy L.
Tutorial 2193

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Your voice had me at "hello"! So soothing, yet powerful. I'll definitely be watching your videos now!
Thank you, Everlea! I so appreciate your feedback and would love to hear your experience of the videos you watch me teach with a focus on how we can enliven our innate biointelligence. I feel this is the bigger vision of Pilates..that we awaken to the deep intelligence of our bodies, but we must first learn to listen to what our bodies need, which changes from day to day...and our relationship with gravity and our spatial orientation can help us, or hinder us, depending on how we relate to ourselves...machines to be trained and fixed, or deeply intelligent organisms that know how to help themselves. Looking forward to hearing more from you, xxwendy
Another great tutorial and reason why Pilates Anytime is such an awesome tool for learning - anytime! Thanks Wendy
Thank you so much, E.A., I appreciate your feedback on how we can deepen our relationship with our deep biointelligence, rather than just do exercises!
Sarah Bertucelli's backstroke tutorial says to have shoulders OFF the box,,, you show the clients shoulders ON the box for backstroke ,,, would someone please clarify the confusion?
Anne ~ There are many ways to do every exercise depending on your training. Both versions are correct. I recommend trying both ways to see what works better for your body. I hope this helps!
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Hi Anne, thank you for being curious about why I am setting up Jennifer this way. We are exploring how our innate bionintelligence can support us in a movement, and with her shoulders resting on the box, she can relax her arms into gravity's support and find more natural internal connection for her arms and legs to move from what I call her "breathing spine"...a more updated way of thinking of our "powerhouse". In this way, you are not "doing something TO your body" are "having a conversation WITH your body" in relationship with how our bodies work in the field of gravity. It requires less tension, and is a more "embodied" way of doing Pilates. Let me know what you notice when you play with it, x
Shelley M
Outstanding tutorial. Love the depth of your understanding of the mind/body system.
Thank you for sharing your experience of this tutorial, Shelley.  I hope we have an opportunity to explore embodied movement together in person some day! xwendy
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