BOSU® for Active Agers
Erika Quest
Class 2208

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Thank you Judy C You are a gorgeous active ager and I hope to see you soon. Thanks for taking class with me! Much love, Erika
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Very nice work for the active agers.  Thank you Erika.

Patty Hafen thank you for the lovely comment! So passionate about this work. Much love, Erika
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Well informed, excellent coro, but as a 73 year old woman, I would have walked out of the class if I was was addressed in such a condescending manner. I’m old, but I’m not stupid, nor am I a child. P. Andersen
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PS, please don’t label me as an “active ager” As opposed to being an “ a person who sits on the couch, knitting ager.” Pushed some buttons.
iOS Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to do class with myself, my Mom and Helen! Erika
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Really great workout! I loved every minute, wonderful ideas for using with elders! Thank you very much! 
Aliki G Aw, many thank you's Aliki! Thanks for taking class with me! Much love, Erika
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Thanks Erika..... This was a fun, creative and feel-good workout.  I am 69- years young, retired Pilates instructor and studio owner.  This 30-minute felt so great after a day in the garden.
Janice M You bet, Janice! I'm so thrilled you took class with us. It was so fun to have my Mom and Helen in this one too. Much love, Erika
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