Exploring Inner Space<br>Gil Hedley<br>Discussion 362

Exploring Inner Space
Gil Hedley
Discussion 362

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Amanda, I suspect you'll enjoy Conversations with Gil Hedley
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Wow, how inspiring! The topics touched on here are varied and fascinating. Lots of food for thought, gratefully received. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and selves
I love the quote - "there is difference but no separation"!
Elsabe D
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Love, love love what I'm hearing!
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I just watched the first chapter and Kristi, commenting on your remark that a lot of Pilates instructors can't take a deep breath...I practiced my posterior, lateral rib cage breath for so long exclusively that trying to take a full diaphragmatic belly breath <used to> feel unnatural and uncomfortable. I realized I was containing myself to the extreme. I've since incorporated lots of different breathing exercises to be used in conjuction with the important PL ribcage breath. If you don't use it, you lose it for sure.
Amen Annie! I did the same and had more teachers tell me to close my ribs I still struggle to get a full breath when working... Amy and Rachel Taylor are coming up in a few weeks and they say some great things about breath that have really helped me. Thanks for checking out some of the other features on the site. Gil's comments elicit some great questions and discussion as the chapters go on. I hope you'll continue with it.
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I LOVED this conversation!! Thank you for sharing, so much of Gil Hedley's words and thoughts resonated with me and some of the ideas I have been exploring in my personal practice. Wonderful audience questions as well - what a great workshop that must have been! Hope to see more
Lita, Gil would say there is "always more!" In fact, there is another great conversation for you to listen in on. You'll find the link below. Gil is busy writing/creating his Atlas of Integral Anatomy this year, but we have asked him to return to give us some Anatomy workshops and more great discussions as soon as possible.
Gil Hedley Discussion
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Thank you much for the extra link featuring Gil. I'll look forward to more in the future.

Thank you for all that you do!!
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Thank you for your interest Lita, and Kristi, thank you for sharing the time with me on your wonderful site here~
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