Finding Balance in your Body
Meredith Rogers
Class 2234

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Thanks gals!
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That was a nice find this morning Meredith, snake still beyond me but its fun trying. Hope you are safe n well xx 
Nicola F just keep trying and one day you might just suprise yourself!
I am safe and well and happy!  Thank you for inquiring.
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gone are the days of snake and twist~ although I do refuse to give up! Thanks ladies for this great workout! I did it three times this week so much great stuff! 
Robin S three times!!!  You are well practiced!  Never give up and ALWAYS take care of yourself!!
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INCREDIBLEEEE !!! Loved this workout. I love how you describe all of the spring changes. Helps me feel and figure out my body and balance.
Noha so sweet! Thank you.
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I am keeping this class in mind for a weekly challenge...snake, you will be conquered!
Jennifer D keep me posted!  You can do it girl!!
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