The Studio at Padaro Beach (About Us)

The Studio at Padaro Beach (About Us)

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Cute studio! Must be ridiculously expensive @ that location.
It´s a really beautiful studio! I am quite far away, in Spain, but if I have the chance I would like visiting you.
Hi! I was given a gift to attend one of your workshops. I've been checking the workshop schedule on The Studio website for the past few months and there is nothing listed. Is there another source where I should be looking? Thanks so much for your help
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Stephanie ~ Thank you for your forum post. The gift certificate you were given may be for one of our Premium Workshops which are already on the site. With the gift certificate, you will be able to redeem a workshop of a similar value. You can go to My Account, select Payment, and then click Redeem a Gift Certificate to enter your code and to choose the workshop you want. If you have any trouble, please email us at
This was a revelation, I always thought PA was filmed in Costa Mesa at the BASI studio. I am planning to come next year for some courses with BASI and imagined I would be in that famous room with a view. Looks like I will have to take a drive up the coast for a class or workshop or just a visit to pay my respects to all of you at PA for your wonderful work and the opportunity you give to all of us in the form of amazing teachers, classes, workshops, tutorials etc that we can access from all over the world. Thanks for the tour!
Tova ~ We hope you do come to visit our studio! We would love to meet you!
I will come in California next September and I would like to attend a class in your studio.
I will drive from San Francisco on September the 8th and I will be in Santa Barbara around 4 pm.

Is it possible to have a private session in the afternoon?


Is this still an option to visit? The website seems closed and phone line disconnected. Fingers crossed! :) But totally understand if it's a full time production studio now and not open to the public.
Marchel A
Frances K yes, currently we only use it for production. 
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