Ballet Barre Workout<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2276

Ballet Barre Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2276

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I have taken Tracey Mallet's Booty Barre Classes a number of times, and was looking for a harder workout  from a different instructor.  This was pretty easy in comparison. But it was a nice class. It was graceful, well presented, and fun. It was great to see Gia in the class too. Thanks Diane:) 

Melanie Adele  H
This is an amazing class which I shall definitely revisit. I have been rehabbing and having treatment the past six weeks for an achilles injury and now allowed to get back into gentle ballet. This was amazing, wonderfully paced, challenging but without being intimidated. Very inspiring as well when Diane shared her knee injury as someone who has been humbled by this achilles injury. Thank you so much! xxx
Thank you for a lovely class. I've had a month off teaching Pilates due to burnout, and it's just what I needed to get me moving, motivated and inspired again. x
Diane Diefenderfer
I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the class. Sometimes dancing is the best:))
Gianna  A
This was such a great class to watch and talking about the pilates fundamentals before the class was great to talk about length through the lega and out of the hips in external rotation. The description of using the core and other muscles to initiate movement is something we forget in ballet a lot. Thank you!
Moorea P
this class is great for any person who would love to focus on alignment and leg strengthening, whether they are a dancer or anyone else. This class would also be a great warm up for a dancer before auditions, rehearsals, or even as a "day off" class. Can't wait to do this when I am healed 
Anna H
I love how you connected pilates into a ballet barre- reminding of the neutral pelvis throughout the class. The class included basic movements that challenge the mind body connectivity, targeting a full body, movement experience. 
Coral S
This was a really great class to feel how the pilates work ties into ballet technique, as well as other movement practices. Focusing on alignment and the intention behind each movement, such as external rotation, placement, and quality of movement, are such fundamentals in pilates, that it was nice to see here and it shows how it can be applied to other movement practices as well.
Katie W
I loved hearing all the connections to Pilates, especially work on the Reformer, throughout this class. I really enjoyed the moment you took to emphasize the second position arms and feeling the proper alignment and elongation in this position since it's so easy to just get focused on the lower body at the barre. I also found it helpful to relate the arms back to Hug a Tree and other Pilates apparatuses!
Lauren S
This was such a greatly paced class. I loved hearing the connections between ballet and barre as Joe did train a lot of ballerinas! The movement in this series was intentional and graceful. It also like hearing how to modify some movements to avoid further injuries. 
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