Awareness of your Body<br>Shelly Power<br>Class 2268

Awareness of your Body
Shelly Power
Class 2268

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Fantastic instruction and cueing. I will definitely take beginners through this sequence. It definitely helped me a lot when you have a mixed level class. All can benefit. Simple but challenging. Loved it.
Brenda B
Great cuing, wonderfully explained class. Love it. Thank you,
Thought your class was really good, with clear and helpful tips! Lots to pass on to my clients!! Thank you!
Such a good class, very clever and so well taught . I wish you lived in England !
Perfect start to the week. Thank you. Lovely clear explanations, especially helpful for someone with tense shoulders! Feeling pretty awesome now - thanks again!
Wonderful teaching as always from Shelley, fantastic teaching class.
Thank you very much Shelly !!! I can't wait to see you again. Stay safe Gratefully from France
You are a genius Shelly. Really. I’ve watched so many videos and you explain things so well. Thank you
Thank you! Loved the class!
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