Creating Beautiful Movement<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2275

Creating Beautiful Movement
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2275

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Simona K
Great, easy to follow instructions and overall flow of the class.  I enjoyed the different variations of the breath and Ron Fletcher's variations.  
That felt like coming home!!! Just beautiful. Thank you. Diane Diefenderfer More classes with you please! xx
Diane Diefenderfer
What a lovely compliment! Thank you so much. Hope you will enjoy some of my other videos soon:)
Ashley O
This was such a lovely and beautifully executed class. I really enjoyed seeing some of Ron Fletcher’s work and how the quality of his movement is more seamless and dance-like
Gianna  A
I loved the cleopatra addition to the class, it felt very luxurious and beautiful. I also appreciated the mentions of posture as beautiful movement. Great class
Katie W
I loved seeing Ron Fletcher's diamond roll back, and I can't wait to try each part! I also liked the cue of saying the back should not only be long, but also wide in exercises such as the Short Spine Stretch. This idea really helps me feel a fuller sense of the movement and more expansive breathing throughout class!
Coral S
I really enjoyed all the seamless transitions during a series between each part, it felt like reformer choreography. I was also fascinated with the Cleopatra series and all the spinal flexion and rotation as well as arm work and abdominal contractions in between, beautiful movement!
Anna H
This class was so beautifully choreographed with so much variation in movement. I appreciated the different variations of breath included in the beginning exercises. Additionally, the diamond to teaser series was a great challenge for even advanced students!
Isabella G
I really liked all the discussion about breath in this class, both in cues like "breathe along your back" and in the aerobic nature of Pilates work. It's a very fitting descriptor and I will definitely be incorporating "aerobic" into my description of Pilates movement next time I am asked about what Pilates work entails/is like!
Lauren S
I really loved this class and seeing Ron Fletcher's variations! I specifically enjoyed the diamond roll back and the connection to stomach massage "armpits over the hips"!
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