Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 2281

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Thank you Rael. I love watching you dance your Pilates! I wish I could do it live:) 
Thank you, Yael! Dancing is part of my being. Life is a delicate dance!
Wonderful class, thank you Rael ❤️
Joanna, thank you so much. I wish you all the best!
Fantastic class! Was able to have some new revelations about the exercises I've already done lots so times, so that's always a sign of a great class to me! And a few snaps crackles and pops of things adjusting right back into place in the body as a bonus!
Ivan, keep up the great work! I am honored to guide you through these sessions.
You are a such a great inspiration for me!!! I m in love with the way you teaching Rael!
Ionica (great name!) I appreciate your comment very much. Thank you!
This was SO fantastic - thank you, Rael! Loved all the rolling and spine twisting and deep ab work.  New classes soon?  Hopefully!
Thank you so much, Marissa. I am delighted you enjoyed the class. I hope we will add more to Pilates Anytime. Meanwhile, I encourage you to visit the BASI Pilates YouTube channel and BASI Interactive for more classes by me.
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