Archetypal Postures
Phillip Beach
Workshop 2310

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David ~ Thank you for your forum post. Our app still isn't to download workshops with multiple chapters, but I will let our programmers know of your request. Hopefully they will be able to work on it soon. Also, you can delete a single video from your downloads by swiping the video to the left and then clicking the delete button. This picture gives an example. I hope this helps!
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Hi Gia. Many thanks for the info. This is fantastic. It really helps and will be of huge use for me in managing my download playlist. I wonder if I was just being a little dim, or if many other users are unaware of this. Either way, I'm very happy!! xx.
Absolutely amazing! I ordered Beach's book and can't wait to study it. I wish everyone would watch this workshop.
Thank you so much for this, loved it. Any more coming? A class or workshop with different bodies, in particular people who scored low on the postures would be great to see how to adapt them. A lot of my clients are unable to go from the floor to standing without strain / without arms and would score close to a 0 for squatting!
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