Applying Aston Kinetics  <br>Judith Aston<br>Tutorial 2324

Applying Aston Kinetics
Judith Aston
Tutorial 2324

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I watched this again today and Kristi I have to say your roll over on the second time with the asymmetry on the way up REALLY made the way down look like silk!!!! Virtually every vertebrae and in between melted into the mat table. WOW! Your nervous system released!!!
Betty L
Thank you PA for bringing Judith Aston! I learned about Judith Aston from Nia and I am so glad to be able to watch some of her teaching here and I deeply appreciate Kristi Cooper for her being her authentic self to these classes and sharing her own feeling.
At the end of the day we all do have choices thru our own journey! Love Love Love having this attitude towards learning and towards fitness programs!!!
Over and over again it proves to me that exercise is a celebration to what the Body can do and we can experience, through our ability to sense. Instead of a punishment for what we ate.
For me is not about teaching the movement. It's about  Feeling and connecting with the soul.  Movement is a gift. 
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