Standing Tower Flow<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 2339

Standing Tower Flow
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 2339

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Thank you guys. I am heading into the studio to give this one a go. Always looking for 8deas to keep my one client who has osteoporosis happy. She is going to love this.
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Loved this tower workout - thanks for the inspiration!
Felt absolutely yummy. See you in a few weeks in AZ!
glad you enjoyed it Susan. See you soon in AZ!!!!
Thanks Ton and Michael for this! Really enjoyed all those squats!!
Oh my goodness that was so wonderful! Thank you Michael & Ton.
22:12 so funny 😂😂😂
Becky M
Thank you for a great class! Love the variety.  My students are going to thank you also.
Michael Mary S
Loved this tower workout.  
Jennifer H
Love this class!
Love this awesome class, thank you!
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