Reconnect to your Center<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 372

Reconnect to your Center
Meredith Rogers
Class 372

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Welcome Lena! Its great to have you and so exciting to know that you found us all the way from Austria!!
what is the lady right in the front doing the whole time! that´s ridicoulous..........og
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Another "hidden" gem of a class! Probably overlooked in my quest to concentrate on only level 2 and above. Meredith dear, you provide so many creative ways to focus on the abdominals without them feeling "necky". My spine thanks you too!
Thank you Joni, my sweet. Hope to see you again soon!!! xxoo
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I hope no one at PA experiences a 3 1/2 hour flight that turns into 32 hours of travel as mine just did. If your are so misfortunate, I hope you remember this class and treat yourself on arrival!
Enjoyed class, was a little unclear at the beginning when ball was behind on the floor for roll backs. I felt the ball should have been at the base of the shoulder blades and not in the low back as the head/ neck stretched back towards the floor????
Thanks for taking class with me, Sharon!
Perhaps, the position of the ball for my body is not a great position for your body...the beauty of a small prop that moves is the opportunity to move it into a more suitable/comfortable place for each individual. I fully support each student to pay close attention to their experience in any given moment and encourage them to modify any movement to make the exercise more available to them...yourself included. Hope that helps!
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