Fundamental Rebalancing Mat<br>Malcolm Muirhead<br>Class 2402

Fundamental Rebalancing Mat
Malcolm Muirhead
Class 2402

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Joley Holliday
This was the first class I've ever done of yours and I absolutely loved it! Have taken a two week break from pilates as life has been hectic, and this was the perfect video to ease me back in and inspire me.
Great teacher! Thanks Malcolm
Malcolm loved this class, was lovely going back over some of your technique following our weekend workshops here in Warrenpoint. Hope to see you again soon.
Have done this class before and workshops with Malcolm, absolutely love your style. Please can we have some more mat classes.
ahh... love revisiting these foundational MK Pilates classes, especially beneficial for the postpartum period! Thank you MalcolmĀ 
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