Spine Corrector Workout
Blossom L.
Class 2394

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Wow!! Great!! Thank you!!!
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Fabulous class Blossom!
My clients are going to love this just as much as I did ??
What a wonderful class! thank you so much.
Yum Yum... Chest is open heart is smiling :)
Thank you so much for this yummy class....
Wow! So amazing. Had a pretty bad upper respiratory cold the past few days and this really helped open things up! Foam roller was intense at times but then felt soooo good. Thank you for this spinal exploration.
Already looking forward to doing this one again (despite how long it took me to actually take it)! Thanks Blossom!
Love this class feels so great on my spine, would love another class like this Bloosom I so need to do a class with you in sometime soon no plans to come to London?
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Thanks for sharing this class, Blossom. Love your adaptations of Irene's work!
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Fun class and creative with a bit of humor always;) I think I need to pad the roller a bit more on the next try;) maybe a cushy mat instead of a towel for my body. Thank you Blossom
Just what I needed today - it so happens that I also took a 1-hr swim today and this was sooo perfect for exploring the relationship of stability and rotation in more detail. Thank you Blossom! A couple more comments: P.S. I'd recommend watching this once before doing it :) And P.P.S. if anyone has some tips for how to use the Pilates Arc for this, they're very welcome... Somehow the Arc has no real apex, so I struggled with finding the right place a little bit. But nevertheless I'll certainly be coming back :))
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