Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2434

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The simplicity of thumbs in front of the ribs for seated twists made such a difference.....really enjoyed this thank you 
Julia R So sorry for the late reply!  Yes, inhaling on the Chest Lift is not typical yet if you want to feel the length, its so effective:)  Thanks for noticing!
Kerry Hi Kerry, thank you for watching my class.  Some of the most simple things makes a big difference, I'm so happy you noticed!
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Lovely class! Exactly what my spine needed. I loved the isolation of the rib cage. Thank you!
Carly Thank you for watching Carly!  Isolation of the rib cage, we need it so much.  Stay safe and healthy:)
hermosa clase. para repetir y repetir. dulce y movilizadora. la caja torácica hay que moverla con esas cualidades para despertarla y encenderla, muchísimas gracias.
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