Finding Elastic Range<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 2437

Finding Elastic Range
Jennifer Golden
Class 2437

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Holy cow that was challenging. Thank you!
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This is my kind of workout! Love it
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Wauw! That's it let the body play! Fantastic thank you!
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Great class Jennifer and I love that transition into side plank :)
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Jennifer, thank you. I love your short and sweet, intense and invigorating classes. This was a perfect end to a very busy and stressing week and start of a relaxing weekend.
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great new variations .
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"Violate the boundaries of the mat." So great! Happy to see the wind/unwind in its Pilates Anytime debut. Thank you, Jen!
Perfect! Thanks, Jennifer Golden Zumann !
Lisa P
so fun. Love your energy and creative danciness- juicy.
This class feels so good! A full body integration in such a quick time, thank you!
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