Develop your Powerhouse<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2471

Develop your Powerhouse
Monica Wilson
Class 2471

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Monica Wilson
The transversus abdominis should draw in all of your abdominal muscles to support your spine and initiate every movement. It acts like a big suction cup!  Monica:)
Sara D
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Another great class, thank you :) I have a question about corkscrew: I wasn't quite clear as to whether the legs are to be locked together as if they are one, such that the one hip lifts as the legs go over to to opposite side, OR, do both hips remain on the mat, in which case the legs have to rub against each other as they tilt to one side. Hope that makes sense. 

Excellent lesson, thank you so much!
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed it!
Janie J
Great modifications.  Also found myself pulling deeper,  Thank you
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