Flat Back- Imprinting
Meredith Rogers
Exercise 1441

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Hi Meredith, I'm talking about any pilates exercise that we need to stabilize the lower back. My concern for example in hundred or series of five is, you can try to keep your spine as  flat as posible pushing your navel towards the floor or just tucking your pelvis. What's the best option? I understand that if your knees are bent is easy just tu pull your belly in, but if we are working with straight legs (hundred for example) and you want to go really low, is it worth it to tuck or is better no to do it beyond you can keep your pelvis neutral? If you tuck there is an extra compression in the lower spine, right? Is not long spine anymore... Do you understand me? Thanks for yor interest. Xxx
Gaspar in abdominal exercises which are weighted (ie: series of five or hundred) it is best to keep the low back connected to the mat.  If this is possible while also keeping the tailbone down (neutral pelvis) then that is optimal.  If not, one could work in the direction of a tuck to support the spine against the weight of the legs.
I understand that there are differences of thought here and it is possible for this to be confusing.  I think best to support the back in "imprint" or flat when doing weighted abdominal work.
Ok Meredith, thanks for you answer. So flat back even if you need to tuck or flat back and when you need to tuck just stop the range? What do you think? 
Hi Gaspar, sorry for the delay.  It sounds like what you are saying is what I am saying....I think in loaded abdominals it is ok to slightly tuck the pelvis when necessary to achieve a spine that is connected to the mat.  If possible, better to do without tucking in a neutral pelvis.
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Hi Meredith, Thanks for this wonderful video. I am new to Pilates, it helps me a lot. In the video, you said we need to push the abdominal muscles upwards, could you help me to understand how I can make the muscles upwards?
Freya I am so glad that it was helpful to you.  The feeling of moving the abdominals "upwards" is more a feeling than a physical fact. From the imprinted position of the spine you could try pulling the abdominals towards the mat or away from your clothing and then see if you can create a sense of lifting the navel up towards the ribs simultaneously. Please let me know how you go and if you have any further questions.
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