Refine Standing Balance
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2508

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Thank you very much Carine. I appreciate your comments. Perhaps we met at a conference other than Monchengladbach? I have not been there yet, but have been invited to present at the Pilates Hetitage Conference in 2019. Looking forward to it!
Thank you Elizabeth. Your teaching is fascinating to me. The way you introduce the easiest aspect of a progression and then build difficulty, complexity and anatomical learning into each brief but intense sequence is enlightening to me as a student and as a teacher. This is such an effective way of slipping us students into experience and knowledge. Love your work, your voice, your unitards!
Thank you very much Alexandra for your kind, insightful comment. Studying Feldenkrais inspires my Pilates movement sequencing. I use my voice to create a resonance that can enhance learning and movements. Zoya, a San Francisco artist from Russia is the genius who creates my unitards. I’m so glad you appreciate this class!
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Very interesting class rich in details: palm placement, tongue, eye, sit bone placement. Deep understanding of the process of shifting the weight of the body, of rotation and counter-rotation. My body feels good and my mind relaxed and focused. Thank you Elizabeth you are an inspired master.
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The best class I`ve ever seen!!!! the class is wonderfull and you too :)
Marijo, thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment! Please take a look at Class # 4014 posted March 2020. This 45 minute class also uses the roller and ring.Same  props, different unitard
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extraordinary instructor. 
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