Head to Tail Connection<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Tutorial 2482

Head to Tail Connection
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 2482

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Great tutorial Deborah, thank you!
Mat Work, if Deborah would do any workshop, she is definitely invited to do so! I highly doubt she could get to all the details of the entire mat work, but, I bet we could ask her to speak to larger concepts like this one! How would you want to see a 3 or 4 hour workshop focused so I can ask her. I will do anything to learn more from her and if I can share that here on PA, I will go to work on asking her! Thank you!
To Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
Thank you kindly for responding to the enquiry regarding Ms Lessen's Teachings.
Ms Lessen to my understanding has the rather unique quality of learning the Pilates Method from Joseph Pilates first protégé Carola Trier.
I first caught sight of Carola Trier in that wonderful body of work entitled "Carola Shares".
And again in your 5 minute video piece number 1369 we witness Carola Trier's influences, and Ms Lessen's skill of oratory.
Carola Trier does not get the recognition in the world of Classical Pilates that she so deserves, and it seems to me, that here you have a great opportunity to invite Ms Lessen to explain the "key concepts" of the all mat work exercises as taught to her by Carola Trier, and the variants of which it would seem are many. All contained in a Workshop as a tribute to this Pilates legend.
I remain hopeful!
I've also struggled with the concept of flexion as pressing the back to the floor seems so contraindicated.However there is a huge difference from someone who tips the whole pelvis back and curls up from the hip flexors than someone who moves from the ribs and therefore the pelvis responds to that.I don't know if Deborah would agree but having watched and listened to her certainly allowing my pelvis to respond creates more work in my abs but I have worked hard to move my ribs and create my flexion from there,not sure a year ago I wouldn't have just pushed my back to floor and worked from my hip flexors
Jamie H
Interesting video. Thank you for posting it.
Awesome! Thank you
Jacqueline D
I see with many clients and I also will over work gluts, which also affects, usually an already hypertonic pelvic floor. It took years for me to sort all of that out, and the lifted tailbone without more work on the gluts make sense. Thank you for having the discussion!
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