Rhythmic Body Coordination<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2506

Rhythmic Body Coordination
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2506

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Thank you Elizabeth, I love your little tips. I find them very helpful.
Michael Mary S
Very creative class.  I love the jumping sequence.  I have a few very tall students; and they do not like to jump on the jump boards.  Can't wait to try this with them.
Robin S
wholly apparatus batman! The workout was in the changing of the springs!! The workout gave me a great understanding of where I am "cheating" It was challenging in the most subtlest of ways. I am so sure I will feel this tomorrow.  The beginning was difficult because I couldn't wrap my foot and grab the bar at the same time and I didn't have sling so I improvised and survived.  Your voice was so tranquil~ I didn't really notice I was on the "rack" as much as I was. Thank you for such a creative workout! 
Shelley M
Excellent class. I found this so innovative, I had to slow down the settings to 0.75 so I could correctly perform the movement. Also, I don't have blue springs so I attached the red to the yellow for the leg and hip work in the last sections. That may be an idea if you find your springs don't seem to 'match' Elizabeth's. Outstandingly creative. Thank you! 
Melody B
I know this one is a few years old but I’ve just tried it now and wow! I loved it. I had to skip the stability sling bit, but even just doing the rest was Fantastic. I feel my whole body humming now! I was grinning all the way through! Thanks Elizabeth. I also love your soothing voice as you teach!
Thank you so much Melody B! Delighted to hear that this class brought on humming and grinning. Movement that suits you is always timeless, whenever you find it!
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