Osteoporosis Guidelines<br>Sherri Betz<br>Introduction 2352

Osteoporosis Guidelines
Sherri Betz
Introduction 2352

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Helpful! Thank you!
- Hil
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Heavy weight protocol is what is recommended for osteoporosis and bone remodeling, under supervision of a suitably qualified health professional. I assume this video is old and requires updating
Amy W
hello, would there be a way I could consult with you?  I have some additional questions. thank you!  Amy
Sherri Betz
Amy W, thank you for asking.  You may contact me at sherri@therapilates.com and send me your contact details to schedule an appointment.  I do have a waitlist presently and can certainly add your name to the list for a consultation.  
Sherri Betz
- Hil yes, you are correct about this.  The weight limit restriction and the statement that walking is recommended to build bone is no longer current.
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