Mat Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2566

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oh boy, what a BRILLIANT class it is! thank you so much Sarah! i LOVE it and seems like gonna do it, as it usually happen with me when i find a gem like that, very often. my body is singing now just like you during the single leg kick =) much love from Moscow!
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Fun! Thank you, Sarah.
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I really enjoyed this class with all the rocking variantions and it feels good that even the instructors sometimes just dream about the perfect posture and are willing to speak it out loud. Thanks a lot!
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Fantastic class! Loved the functional movements!
Thanks Cindy. This was a fun class!
Lovely Class Sarah.... your attitude is great, very positive spirit reflected during all the repertoire. I liked the variations!... always in line with the BASI´s principles. Thanks a lot!
Clemencia Puerta Thank you for your kind words!  It is lovely to connect(virtually) through PilatesAnytime. 
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Wooo! Fun and creative class! I like to have classes that are less conventionnal. Fast paced, almost cardio. Just challenging enough for a 2/3 level. Merci Sarah from Montréal!
Mandoline R Sorry for the delay!  Somehow I missed this message.  Thank you for taking the time to write and I am so pleased to hear you enjoyed the challenge the class provoked.  Hugs from Santa Barbara. 
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