Embodied Classical Mat Flow<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 2593

Embodied Classical Mat Flow
Wendy L.
Class 2593

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Thank you, Wai Yuk! You are discovering how moving from your "essence"..your "breathing spine" creates a lifelong embodied practice that continues to unfold powerfully!
The most valuable lesson in this class for me was feeling gravity provide oppositional force from head to toe! Your cues about the waterfall were perfect since I’m a visual learner! My clients will be amazed! Thank you Wendy!
Alexandra H
Five years later but... this class was extraordinary! I love learning to use my body in completely novel ways. The emphasis on using the downward force of gravity to create freedom and ease in extension was so effective!
Thank you, Alexandra!  You will see that in each of the classes I taught at Pilates Anytime, this was my theme.  When we remember that as babies we knew how to use gravity as a partner.  We didn't think about what muscles to use to lift our heads - our curiosity and need for touch and food drew us to sitting, standing and walking, which is our biointelligent wisdom speaking to us!  Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences, thanks again, xwendy
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