Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 395

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Thank you Tova, so glad you enjoyed this lesson.
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Just the class I've been needing, perfect in every way!
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always nice to hear that as workout fit " the bill".
Thank you Isadora, for your comment.
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Loved this class. Great side work!! Overall awesome workout. Niedra does perfect pacing a gentle workout but tough on the core.

So glad you enjoyed this work Ashley. I just checked and this class is 6 years old! so the work is ageless. Thank you for posting.
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So excellent!1 true strength is built from the floor up. Thank you
Ha ha Robin I just looked at your bio and love your personal description of yourself.  Glad you enjoyed this workout.
Excellent workout with just the right pace and sequence of exercises! Emphasizing the downward instead of the forward movement more on the spine stretch was the lesson of the day for me here.
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