Reformer w/Tower Strength<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 2685

Reformer w/Tower Strength
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2685

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Lisa Hubbard
Melissa i am happy to hear your positive comments! Thank you so much for coming to class with me and for sharing some of the unilateral exercises with your more advanced clientele 👍 They are killer!
I really enjoyed these new challenges, how fun! More amo for my advanced students. One thing I recommend to avoid at the beginning of any warm up is a standing roll down. I realize its a classical thing to do and many contemporary teachers do it also, but from a biomechanical (golgi tendon organ / muscle spindle) point of puts less flexible people at risk for pulling their hamstrings &/or back muscles. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! I will definitely be adding the bridging and tower series to my personal program.
Lisa Hubbard
Really appreciate the feedback Sarah K. Artha Negara thank you for taking class with me! With regard to standing roll down, you can skip it and/or use the wall for support as well as bending the knees. Hope your more advanced students enjoy these variations!
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definite challenges in this series!
Lisa Hubbard
Thanks Whitney for taking class with me! And yes definitely many challenges in this one! Hope you’ll come back again
Meg H
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Great class!
I love this class!!!
Lisa Hubbard
Meg so appreciated thank you for taking class!
Lisa Hubbard
Michelle Unzueta thanks so much for joining me! Happy you enjoyed it :)
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