Knee Stretches Illuminated
Wendy L.
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Hi Heidi, in order to get more of a whole body awareness of how to "sense" a deeper relationship with Knee Stretches, you are resting into the footbar with your hands and jallowing your shoulder blades to "waterfall" down your back as you exhale, so you create a deeper connection with your low belly uplift. You are sitting back enough to feel that your breath into your back, and your deep exhale feels like a "hot air balloon" which could lift you off the carriage....and allows your legs to float out as you inhale, and in as you is a whole body exercise from feet to head and hands, rather than an abdominal exercise...try it and let me know, xwendy
Thank you Wendy for the 'in detail instructions' ...I will let you know how I will go!
Hi Wendy, the different perspective definitely helped to create the 'uplift' feel or rather more a feeling of floating instead of sitting on the heels and a 'standing' into the heels therefore having next to no pain in the problem knee. Thank you again for taking time to continue this tutorial in this forum!!
Deep, beautiful and and inspiring, thank you!
Thank you for such detailed and insightful information! And thank you, Amy, for executing the exercise so beautifully!
Thank you, Sari and Annie, for taking time to appreciate a new way of "cueing movement" from our body's deep biointelligence, so that we "sense" the movement from our own authenticity, rather than just "do what someone told us to do", xwendy
Thank you for this tutorial! I was also blown away when Wendy mentioned her age! What a fantastic walking, living breathing advert for Pilates she is!
Thank you, Michelle! My Pilates practice has gotten richer and my body healthier as i've studied how to listen to and be guided by my innate biointelligence!
Great cueing. Thank you so much.
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