Mat Workout
Monica Wilson
Class 2701

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Love all your entire series! I've been practicing/teaching Pilates a decade or more and love how new imagery can take a practice to a new level! Thanks so much for your continuous inspiration!
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Nice exercises! The imagery helps.
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Loved this class. Thank u!
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Great way to stay my week! I've enjoyed your whole series. Reinvigorates my own practice. Thank you!
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Great start of my weekend! Thank you!
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Excellent class Monica, thank you .
So happy y'all are enjoying this class! Please feel free to let me know if there is anything you'd like to see more of:) Monica
does Romana's Pilates have any rehab type stuff? I LOVE Romana's methods, but I have injuries that force me to often do other "schools" with a rehab focus. As a purist, and for simplicity's sake, I'd love to stick with the same method if possible.
Absolutely! We have a pre-Pilates system that we can pull from when we work one on one with our clients to develop their strength. Is there a particular injury you would like to see how to rehabilitate from?
two things: de-Quervain's in my left wrist that makes side bends, planks, and push ups contra-indicative,
and hip flexor pain which I realize I am aggravating because I have been core "lazy." Romanas is correcting that!
I am in PT for both issues, but I want to keep going with Pilates as safely as I can. Thanks! Thanks so much!!
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