Ideal Position for your Body<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 2690

Ideal Position for your Body
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 2690

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Thanks Sheila! You are welcome!
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Good points, Ruth! A very helpful tutorial. I always understood that they were called Moon Boxes because they are satellites around the mat.
Elise Bacon - I love that explanation! Makes sense.... thank you!
Glad the info is useful. It came up again just two days ago: I was teaching a client who had just moved here, had done pilates elsewhere and had assumed her "core" was still too weak to sit up straight. When I elevated her on a moon box for arm work, all of a sudden she could sit up and her abs kicked in and more to the point, she was delighted. It really does make a difference....
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Excellent tutorial! I have a number of clients with these challenges and this will come in very handy.
Thanks Len!
Barbara N
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I am currently in teacher training and I most certainly remember this pearl. Thank you Ruth.
Great Barbara!  Hope your teacher training continues to go well, even if only on zoom these days.
Susanna H I am noticing that it looks like I never replied to your comments/questions, and now I can't remember if I did or not...  so here is an answer WAY past it's due date!  So sorry!   The padding that was used was what the upholsterer had leftover from another job, I don't really know what it was - but definitely not something you can buy in a fabric store, not just pillow padding.  It's harder than Gratz reformer padding, if that gives you any information.  Quite firm, more like how the reformer boxes are padded.
Susanna H 4 year late reply to this question - so very sorry again!!  I feel that when feet/legs dangle, there is a very subtle gripping/holding pattern that happens in the low back/sacrum because the weight of the legs/feet create a drag on the pelvis.  Often not noticeable, until you ground the feet on something solid.  So when there is a situation where there is nothing to put under the feet (or I'm too lazy to go get a box, LOL!) I have the person activate their legs by flexing their feet and "hugging" with their heels... if this makes sense.  So their legs are not just hanging.
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