Mat Workout
John Garey
Class 2769

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Can't wait to try this class; more STOTT please! ;)
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I absolutely LOVE all of your classes. Your workouts are creative and challenging, and you always make it fun! I always work up a sweat! Thank you!
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Love this class. Beautiful modifications! I feel inspired. And I absolutely love you explained the purpose of every exercise. Besides, great smile you give me. Thank you!
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I am a stott pilates matwork instructor here in italy, and what i love about stott pilates is that everything has got a purpose, a reason why, and the incredible amount of knowledge they give us doing courses and workshops....together with the fact that everything has got to go along with smiles, if u want it to this class , indeed.
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yes! it stops at about 18:00
Loved the class though. Thanks for your energy and fun, John!
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Love that John Garey is on Pilastes Anytime. Great workout!
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Love this class, strong, funny and creative indeed!!!! My muscles thank you ;)
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Fresh and inspiring. Lovely pace and brilliant comprehensive teaching as always. Thank you again John!
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I certainly feel everything. Strong, flexible, balanced and more. Love all your classes.
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John Gary you ROCK ! Always loved your workouts when I started out first as as a STOTT. Instructor and still do !! I Love your style, delivery and the purpose and functionality of all your workouts . You are one of the great teachers who continue to inspire . Flavours of your "athletic conditioning with the fitness circle workouts" here which I love and use a lot . . It's a privilege to see you on Pilates Anytime again and I'll be bringing some of this great workout to my classes today . More please . ??????
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